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Opening hours: 

Tuesday-Friday: 10am-5pm; Saturday and Sunday:9am-4pm; Mondays by appointment

Since opening in 2013, the gallery has set out to offer visitors and collectors the opportunity to experience a curated selection of the best emerging Australian artists alongside more established artists from around the world. By exhibiting works from artists with differing cultural backgrounds and traditions the gallery aims to create a cross cultural conversation that challenges both the artists and visitors to question their habitual beliefs and explore new territories.  In presenting works that explore current social and political affairs we aim to encourage an ongoing dialogue around current global issues and debates.

We see ourselves as progressive, diverse and all-encompassing environment, a place where artists are nurtured and supported while being exposed to a far-reaching yet astute audience. By providing our artists an ongoing presence through regular exhibitions and participation in international and local art fairs we aspire to bring their works to both established and new audiences and grow their profiles both within Australia and overseas.

Since the gallery‚Äôs inception in 2013 there has been a strong focus on promoting emerging artists.  By supporting newly graduated emerging artists with an annual exhibition, YAI (Young Artists Initiative) the gallery encourages and promotes artists from Art Schools around Australia.  The selected graduates are chosen by a panel of industry experts and given the opportunity to exhibit in the gallery.  The aim of the project is to give new artists an understanding of the commercial gallery scene and prepare them for upcoming exhibitions.  Many of the chosen artists go on to exhibit regularly with the gallery and have built strong collector bases.

.M Contemporary
37 Ocean St
Woollahra, NSW 2025
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